A Look Ahead : Programming Week of 03/28

open meme

Welp, the 2016 Open is complete!  Thank goodness, right!?  We can now return to our regular GPP programming!! Coming off of the Open, you may have some specific goals you want to work on over the next year.  Decide what you want to accomplish & talk to your coaches about how to get there!  We’re here to help!

Here’s what’s on tap for the last week of March…

Monday – We kick off the week with a fun power clean + hang clean complex!  5 working sets working up in weight.  If you didn’t get enough burpees in 16.5, there’s a few today to get your fill 😉 1st – 3 rounds of 10 pull-ups, 10 front squats and 10 burpees directly into 21-15-9 of KBS & burpees.  Good stuff!

Tuesday – Our weightlifting today is a 3-3-3 press complex, 5 sets working up in weight.  We’ll finish off with a 20 minute alternating EMOM of DL and box jumps.  I’d suggest some post WOD stretching focusing on those hamstrings!

Wednesday – Back Squat day!  A 5×3 today, then three 3 min AMRAPs.  You’ll complete a certain number of lateral bar hops as a buy in then go for max air squats, abmat sit-ups & KB snatch!

Thursday – Get ready for some intervals – a little running, a little rowing, a few medball cleans with some built in rest! Then we’ll finish with a few push-ups (like 100) for time.  Don’t forget Yoga for Athletes at 7pm!

Friday – Time to get gymnasty with some handstand progression work!  Some shoulder taps, around the world walks and some attempts at handstand holds or handstand walking.  Your metcon is everyone’s favorite rep scheme, a 21-15-9 triplet of clean and jerks, OHS and pull-ups.

Saturday – Grab your favorite partner & be ready to work!  A fun partner WOD awaits with a little cardio and a little bit of heavy lifting!

Sunday Oly – We’re working power cleans, push jerks & over head squats today!  Come join 🙂

Let’s make it a great week!  See you at the box!