Nutritional Rebalancing

Have you seen this article floating around the interwebs lately?  New research has found that the majority of Biggest Loser contestants have gone on to gain the weight back after filming is done.

biggest loser

This is such a bummer, right!?  Really discouraging for people trying to lose weight without the help of personal trainers, chefs, nutritionists, etc!  A former contestant on the show, Rudy Pauls, was quoted to say “[The Biggest Loser] opened my eyes to the fact that obesity is not simply a food addiction. It is a disability of a malfunctioning metabolic system.”

Shows like The Biggest Loser & other weightloss shows address nutrition and exercise, but one thing they all fail to address is environmental toxins.  We’re exposed to them every day, it’s just fact.  Chemicals are everywhere…in materials we touch, food we eat, and the air we breathe.  We can do as much as we can to limit our exposure, like buying organic when we can, but is our liver able to cleanse out all the toxins we’re exposed to?  Is our liver able to to it’s job completely?

The answer is most likely no!  Do you feel weird, sick, tired, foggy, unclear?  Have allergies, headaches, or a malfunctioning metabolic system?  Enter nutritional rebalancing…

nutritional rebalancing

You can control the things you can control, like what you put in your mouth & how much you move your body.  You really can’t control your liver function.  So in order to rid toxins, you need to cellular cleanse!  Remove those toxins and allow your metabolic system to heal!  Rid those toxins and shed unwanted weight AND keep it off!!

Look better, but more importantly, FEEL better!!!  Talk to coach Michelle about how this can happen for you!