It’s Open Season – Will You Sign Up!?

cfgames open

It’s Open Season!!!  That’s right, registration opened this past Thursday for the 2017 CrossFit Games Open!  Not sure what the Open is?  Read our quick explanation here.  But in short…

For 5 weeks every February through March, we wait with baited breath to hear what the workout is each Thursday night.  We complete said workout each week, typically every Saturday during classes, athletes counting reps for each other, then log our results by Monday and see how we stack up against each other, our peers, our city, state, country and the world.

It’s a wild ride & we’re super excited!  If you’re wondering if the Open is for you or if you should participate, the answer is, unwaveringly & emphatically, YES!!  The Open is for everyone!

Each week there are RX and scaled versions of the workouts.  Each week, we pair off with another athlete from class and count each others reps (and even no rep here and there 😉 ).  Each week athletes are surprised by their “firsts” – first double unders, first muscle ups, handstand push-ups, etc, etc.  Each week we celebrate being more fit than we were a year ago and vow to be better next year!

“The gyms that have no contenders—nor are they looking for them—but they have full participation … those are the environments where everyone is a champion.  Every body.  And that’s a beautiful thing.” —Greg Glassman, CF CEO

So join us!!  Stay tuned for a fun Open Challenge being announced next week…points, prizes, and more!  Go to, pay your $20 and complete the Open with us!!!