A Look Ahead : Programming Week of 03/20


When you’re ready to WOD, but you’re still kinda fancy 😉

Saturday was a blast knocking out 17.4!!  I know a few athletes are finishing it out tomorrow, so good luck!  We’re down to the final week of the Open!!!  We’ll complete 17.5 & celebrate the end of the Open Friday Night Lights style!  All are welcome, so bring a cheering section if you like & we’ll finish off with drinks & pizza!

Here’s your look ahead for this week…

Monday – Starting the week off with some Bent Over Row, 10 sets of doubles.  Then, grab your favorite dumbbell for a chipper of running, db squat clean thrusters & pull-ups!

Tuesday – Getting gymnasty today with some handstand work!  Afterwards, you’ll complete 4 3-min intervals of a 500m row + floor press.

Wednesday – Work/rest ratios today…1 min on/off of rowing, back rack jump squats (yes, you read that right!), strict pull-ups & push-ups.

Thursday – We’ll start with some turkish get ups, then finish with an AMRAP of running, kbs, kb push press & abmat situps!

Friday – 17.5 all day long!!!  And at Friday Night Lights, woohoo!

Saturday – Back to our regularly scheduled partner WODs 🙂 Grab a partner for a 20 min AMRAP of doubles, front squats & t2b!

Sunday Oly with Becca!

Looking forward to a great week at the box!!  See you there 🙂