Wellness Wednesday – Protein Snob!


All day, every day!!  We’ve become protein snobs, and it’s for the best!  Let me explain…

UCLA did a study that measured the nutrients found in a bowl of spinach grown on the same plot of land in 1997 and 1953.  They found it would take a staggering 43 bowls of spinach in 1997 to get the same amount of iron and nutrients the spinach had in ONE bowl in 1953 !

A simple google search will reveal that nutrient levels in our produce are declining at an alarming rate.  Even if you are eating whole foods (which we strongly encourage), it simply no longer contains the nutrition it once did!

That’s why we’ve become protein snobs!!  Our yummy superfood shakes provide our bodies with optimal nutrition, easy and convenient, so it can perform how it was designed to!  Each shake is perfectly balanced with 24-36g of undenatured whey protein, 7 live digestive enzymes, plant-based sugars and complex carbs – as well as a complete amino acid profile with 23 trace minerals and vitamins.

There are no stimulants or artificial sweeteners in any of our products! No corn, soy or fake colors. It’s CLEAN food that EXCEEDS USDA organic standards! And it’s delicious! We’ve been putting this super food in our bodies for over 14 months and can’t imagine where our health would be without it.

Research and clinical studies suggest that the maximum nutrition in our shakes paired with the power of intermittent fasting is producing incredible, lasting results!  And that is something we are PROUD to stand behind, feel good about putting in our bodies, and love sharing with others!

Roughly 4% of your day is spent at the gym.  What you’re consuming the other 96% of the day plays a much larger role in your health and wellness.  Remember, you can’t out train a poor diet, it’s 80% nutrition/20% working out.

Are you a protein snob??  Come chat with Coaches Brandon or Michelle ASAP, send us an email {} or send us a message on FB…our inbox is always open!  We’re here to offer as much support as desired for each of our athletes, so let’s chat nutrition sometime soon!