A Look Ahead : Programming Week of 07/17


But for real…you don’t need chalk for handstands ūüėČ ¬†Good thing we have Betty now, to clean those floors! ¬†We have a fun week ahead! ¬†This coming Saturday is Team Superfit Charlotte & CFP has 2 teams competing!! ¬†It’s an all day affair, so get your own WOD in & be sure to come out & cheer them on!

Here’s your look ahead…

Monday – Starting with some snatch push press + ohs today, warming up for 4 sets of 3 high hang snatch. ¬†After we’ll comeplete a chipper of running, thrusters, t2b, strict pull-ups & another run! ¬†Fun start to the week!

Tuesday – We begin with some handstand walk progressions. ¬†Then we’ll finish with 10 sets of rowing & burpees every 2 minutes. ¬†Go fast & so you can enjoy some rest! ūüėČ

Wednesday РBack squat day!  8 sets of 3 every 2 minutes at 85%.  Working on those booty gains!  Then, 3 rounds of DU, hang squat cleans & hr pushups (rx+ strict hspu), finishing with an 800m run!

Thursday РSome deadlift today superset with some plank work.  Your metcon is 3 rounds of running & pull-ups.

Friday РPower cleans & front squats first, then 3 rounds of front squats, shoulder to overhead & knees to elbow.  All the bar work!

Saturday – Today’s partner WOD is actually a partner WOD, we promise! ¬†So grab a friend & come on out!

Sunday Oly with Becca – come get your lift on!

It’s a great week to have a great week! ¬†We’ll see you at the box!