Benefits of Post-WOD Mobility


Are you guilty?  We see it all the time.  An athlete finishes up their WOD, adds their score to Wodify and darts out the door, still sweaty, cell phone and keys in hand.  No post WOD stretching or mobility, jumping in their car to sit in traffic, get home, get the kids, etc.  We get it!  Life is busy!!  But neglecting that prime time post-WOD to get some mobility in can be detrimental!!

So make a commitment, even if you start with only 5-10 minutes of stretching or mobility before you leave.  Add it to your daily WOD and see if you don’t see astounding benefits!  Like some of the following…

Benefits of Post-WOD Mobility

1- Increased Flexibility – your muscles are warm and post WOD is a prime time to work on adding some new range of motion.

2- Better Posture/Less Stiffness – while working out your muscles do a lot of contracting leaving them stiff and shortened.  Some stretching will reset and help elongate those muscles.

3- Lactic Acid – adding in some mobility after your workout should help move around some of the lactic acid that builds up in our muscles, thus leaving you less sore and recovered more quickly!

4- Less Risk of Injury – increased range of motion and better circulation are going to put you at a reduced risk for injury, keeping you healthy and and in the gym working toward your health and fitness goals!

SO, do yourself a favor and start adding in some post-WOD mobility to your daily routine!  If you’re not sure what stretches to incorporate…ask your coach!!  They can point you in the right direction (think hip/hamstring stretches post squatting or shoulder/chest/back after a shoulder intensive workout, etc).  And remember, we have Yoga for Athletes every Thursday night at 7!!!

Our goal is to keep you healthy, pain free, happy & fit! But we can’t stretch for you 😉