Wellness Wednesday – Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard the term Intermittent Fasting get thrown around a lot lately!  It’s become quite the buzz word in the fitness world, and with good reason!!

An itermittent fast (IF) is simply periods of eating and not eating.  Most people typically fast naturally for 12-14 hours after dinner, while sleeping and until they eat again the next day.  Some fast for 16 hours and consume all their calories in the other 8 hours of the day.  But the real bang for you buck comes from a 24-48 hour fast!  Check out all the benefits below in this graphic…


Intermittent fasting is THE best way to cut body fat while maintaining lean muscle mass!!  Isn’t that what everyone wants!?  Plus, all those amazing benefits listed above!  If detoxification, more energy, less inflammation, & better immunity sound good to you (among the other benefits), why wouldn’t you want to give IF a try!!?

The health & wellness company we’re partnered with, Isagenix, has been using a nutrient supported intermittent fast paired with protein pacing for 15 years now with wild success!!  Not only do they have the hundreds and thousands of success stories, but they have legit science and clinical research to back it up!  We love that our company was on trend before it was a trend 😉

Remember, be stubborn about your goals, but flexible about your methods!  If you’re not seeing the results in the gym that you want, it comes down to your nutrition.  And it just might be time to give this whole intermittent fasting thing a try!!