Wellness Wednesday – Healthy for the Holidays – Week 3!

healthy holidays

Welcome to Week 3 of our 8 week Wellness Wednesday – Healthy for the Holidays series!!  If you missed the first two weeks, you can catch up here where we talked about having a nutrition plan & sticking to it!  And here where we talked about your mindset surrounding food.

This week, I’m going to divulge my not so secret weapon to zap cravings, bloat and unwanted body fat (including visceral – belly- fat!!).  Are you ready for it!?

Nutrient Supported Intermittent Fasting!!!

Have you heard of Intermittent Fasting (IF)?  We’ve discussed it a few times on the blog as it’s become quite the trend in the fitness world.  You can read up here on the Benefits of IF or here on Other Health Benefits of IF – included, but not limited to – reduced cravings, detoxification, reduced inflammation, enhanced immunity, increased hgh levels and weightloss all while maintaining lean muscle mass!!

Isagenix has been using 24-48 hour nutrient supported intermittent fasting (often called cellular cleansing) for 15 years now!  This system has amazing successes as well as clinical research studies to back it up.

The best part about incorporating this into your arsenal is that it is the perfect secret weapon to have on hand during the holidays!  Have your husband’s work Christmas party this weekend and need to feel good in that dress?  Splurge a little too much at the neighborhood holiday party and need a quick little detox before the next party?  Feeling sluggish and a little run down and want to up that immunity before your holiday travels?  Need to drop 5lbs to rock a sparkly dress this new years?  Nutrient supported intermittent fasting addresses ALL of these!!!

A once a week 24 hour nutrient supported intermittent fast is the perfect way to maintain during the holiday season!  It allows you to have a few of your favorite treats at fun events with friends and families without that terrible food guilt and without having to let out a notch in your belt.  Plus, all of the amazing results listed above (hello better immunity during cold & flu season, goodbye toxins & cravings!!).

If you think you’d like to add in a nutrient supported intermittent fast this holiday season, reach out to me (Coach Michelle) ASAP at!!  My inbox is always open & I would be so excited to help you get started in order to have a Happy Healthy Holiday season this year!  Why not you, why not this year, why not now??

If you’re enjoying our series, please feel free to share it on social media or send on to any friends or family who may benefit from it as well, after all – sharing is caring!  We’ll see you back next Wednesday for Week 4!