Wellness Wednesday – Healthy for the Holidays – Week 5!

healthy holidays

Welcome to Week 5 of our 8 week long Wellness Wednesday series – Healthy for the Holidays!  Last week marked halfway through our 8 week series and this week we begin the last half of it!  If you’ve missed any posts, here’s what we’ve covered so far:

Week 1 – Have a nutrition plan & stick to it!

Week 2 – A healthy mindset towards food!

Week 3 – Nutrient Supported Intermittent Fasting!

Week 4 – BYOD : Bring Your Own Dish!

This week our focus is PROTEIN!  Get your protein in before the big party, before the big dinner, before the big event!!

If you know you have an event, meal, etc, that day, make sure to have the majority of your protein before said event.  AND right before the event, meal, etc, have a protein shake!

We like to drink the IsaPro – 1 scoop, 18g of undenatured grass fed whey protein – to fill up our bellies a bit before walking into a holiday party with 35 desserts facing us or before the office pot luck!  A fuller belly, full of the good stuff that is, means you’re less likely to fill up on crap!

Are you noticing a theme here!?  You gotta have a plan!  So if I plan to fill up on protein leading up to big meals, parties, etc, and I stick to it, I’m not going to be tempted as much to eat all the crud!  Less crud = less fluff, holiday bloat, and sluggishness!

So grab your protein powder & get shaking before your next holiday get together!  It’ll be a win win, I promise!