Wellness Wednesday – Healthy for the Holidays – Week 7!

Welcome to Week 7 of our 8 week long Wellness Wednesday series – Healthy for the Holidays!  We have 2 weeks left in our series!  Hopefully you’re finding these tips helpful and this Holiday season has been more balanced for you!

If you’ve missed any posts, here’s what we’ve covered so far:

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This week’s tip….fill your plate the right way at the holiday parties!

First, look for the protein.  Maybe there’s turkey or ham, meatballs, sausage plate, low fat cheeses, etc.  Fill at least a 3rd of your plate with protein.

Second, find the veggie tray.  Take as many veggies as you want!!  The more the merrier.  Skip the veggie dips for the most part.  Some hummus would be best, cheesy or ranch dips would be least favorable.

Third, look for any fruit.  Fruit is basically a free for all as well.  Still a much better choice than crackers, dips, and bread.

Fourth, take a small handful of nuts and/or any seeds.  These will help fill you up and feel satiated.

At this point your plate should be pretty full!  Eat up and decide if you need (or want) anything else!

Lastly, if you must have seconds or go back for some crackers, dips, bread or dessert, decide what you really, really want to indulge in and then have it!!  Don’t feel bad about it, just enjoy it!  But don’t have it all.  Pick what you most want to savor & enjoy and do just that!

Follow these simple guidelines and you won’t be headed home feeling like an oompa loompa or waking up full of regret and full of bloat!  Protein, veggies, fruit & nuts…that simple!  Enjoy!