A Look Ahead : Programming Week of 02/12

It’s true, the gym and all you beautiful people that come day in and day out, is who we will happily spend our Valentine’s Day with!  We’re chugging along through the month of February and just 11 days away from The CrossFit Games 2018 Open!!!  We’re excited to see what Dave Castro will come up with this year and we’re already making predictions.  Maybe the return of the ring muscle up or perhaps pistols will make their debut this year!?

Don’t forget to mark your calendars, Saturday the 24th is our monthly Yoga for Athletes Mobility Workshop at 10:45am, right after Saturday morning classes.  I’ve heard some rumors of Mimosa Yoga?  This could definitely be a thing, so don’t miss it!!

FYI – we will NOT have open gym this coming Sunday at 1pm as we are having a coaches staff meeting.  So sorry for any inconvenience!  We take pride in serving you, our athletes, and can better do this as a staff wehen we take time to meet together.  Thanks in advance for your understanding!

Here’s your look ahead…

Monday – Rowing, wallballs, DB snatches, pull-ups & hspu await you this Monday!  You have 2 rounds with 8 minutes of rest in between.  Fun times ahead!

Tuesday – Working on some shoulder to overhead barbell cycling today with some intervals of push presses and push jerks.  After, 4 sets of biking, bar facing burpees, and hang cleans, oh my!!

Wednesday – Clean and jerks or snatches, you decide, but working on some ground to overhead barbell cycling first.  Then, a longer metcon of DB overhead lunges, DU and bar muscle ups!

Thursday – Starting with a bro sesh of some bench press today!  Your metcon is an EMOM of biking, t2b, ring dips, push-ups, & rest – thank goodness for that minute of rest!

Friday – 20 minutes can feel like forever in CrossFit, so be prepared!  😉  You have a nice long AMRAP of running, t2b & thrusters!

Saturday – Grab a partner for some fun sweaty intervals of air squats, rowing cals, burpees, bike cals and hang power cleans!

Sunday Oly with Becca just keeps getting better every week!  Hope to see you there!  And remember, no open gym this week as we have a coaches staff meeting!

RISE Look Ahead

Monday – Anaerobic Interval – 30 sec on/20 sec off – who’s ready for battle ropes!?

Tuesday – Strength Day!!

Wednesday – Aerobic Interval – 3:00 on/1:00 off

Thursday – Anaerobic Interval – 20 sec on/20 sec off

Friday – Glycolytic Interval – 40 sec on/20 sec off – get ready to bear crawl and duck walks to make 40 sec feel like eternity 😉

Saturday – Strength Day!!

As always, we’ll see you at the box!