Boosting Your Immunity!

I mean, for real, ain’t no body got time to be sick!!  And many are saying this is one of the worst flu seasons to date.  Plenty of things are floating around out there, so if at the gym, be sure to wash your hands often and wipe your equipment down after you use it!  And, if you’re feeling sick, might be best to just stay home so to not spread that all around!

If you’re currently healthy and looking for ways to avoid all that mess, here are 3 great tips to boost your immunity:

  1. Up your Vitamin D intake!  As many as 41% of the population is deficient in Vitamin D, and maybe even more during the winter months when we’re not outside getting it the natural way.  Other studies suggest that Vitamin D works better than the flu shot if your Vitamin D levels are low!  See…pretty important!  Vitamin D also supports your immune system!  Our naturopath, Dr. Michelle Dillon of Charlotte Natural Wellness, recommends taking 1,000 IU for every 25 lbs of body weight.  So get your Vitamin D on!!
  2. Avoid Sugar!  Funny that this blog is going live on Valentine’s Day 😉  Sometimes, avoiding sugar is easier said than done.  However, sugar of all kinds (sweets, cookies, candies, anything with -ose) can lower your immune system for several hours!  So limit sugar intake for sure and avoid it altogether if you feel you’ve been exposed to something or might be coming down with something!
  3. Add Isagenix’s Immune Shake Booster to your daily shake!  Isagenix recently released their Immune Shake Booster.  With only 10 calories, no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners it mixes perfectly into your shake without adding or changing flavor.  Immune Shake Booster includes beta glucans, which are supported by substantial scientific evidence to show that daily intake supports better immune health and help promote increased immune cell action and response.  Read more here and get yours ASAP!

Here’s wishing you all the health this cold & flu season and that spring would hurry up!! 😉