A Look Ahead : Programming Week of 10/15

Find a gym friend who pushes you to go a little harder!  We had SO much fun this past Friday night at our Sweat Social with Middle James Brewing!  The workout was fun, the beer was amazing, and the community was even better!  We’re excited for our neighbors to open & look forward to our next Sweat Social 🙂

This weekend marks halfway through our nutrition challenge!  We’re pumped with everyone’s progress and can’t wait to see where everyone is in another month.  If you’re still looking for some nutrition guidance, join Coach Michelle and friends this coming Saturday at 2pm at the box for a Healthy Happy Hour!!  Come learn about the nutrition that has fueled Michelle through her recent pregnancy and now in her postpartum journey, the same nutrition that keeps Brandon working harder and longer in the gym, and how it can fit into your life to help you achieve your goals!

Here’s your look ahead…

Monday – We’re starting off with some snatches from each position.  Then, a fun chipper – rowing, t2b & snatches!  Let’s go, Monday!

Tuesday – Back squat day!  Heavy double, working up to a 2 rep max.  Afterwards, 3 rounds of doubles, thrusters, and burpee box jump overs.

Wednesday – Working on that unglamorous gymnastics accessory work – getting upside some, false grip ring rows or ring pull-ups, and ring dips.  Our metcon is some intervals of rowing (rx+ biking) + handstand pushups with some built in rest.

Thursday –  It’s a long metcon kind of day.  Lace up your running shoes for some running, push-ups, wallballs & strict pull-ups.

Friday – Grab your favorite barbell!  We’ll metcon first – 5 round of power cleans, shoulder to overhead and back rack lunges.  Then we finish with some accessory work!

Saturday – rowing, db hang power cleans and pull-ups make up this week’s partner WOD!  Grab a friend and meet us there!!  And don’t forget…Healthy Happy Hour at 2 today!

Sunday Oly with Becca is on!  Come get your lift on!

RISE Look Ahead

Monday – Legs & core!  Glycolytic Interval – 45 sec on/15 sec off

Tuesday – Strength Day!!

Wednesday – Legs & core round 2!  Aerobic Interval – 1:30 on/30 sec off

Thursday – Spartanish training!  30 sec on/ 20 sec off

Friday – Strength day!!  Working that back side and posterior chain!

Saturday – Aerobic Interval – Max Effort day!  1:20 on/30 sec

Stay consistent and keep up the good work!  As always, we’ll see you at the box!