A Look Ahead : Programming Week of 03/04

Were you boss of the barbell in 19.2?  Or did it boss you around?  Definitely a fun workout this week!!  And a chance to PR from 2016 if you did Open WOD 16.2.  Although I don’t think anyone really wants more toes to bar this week, am I right!?

If you missed Dr. Amy’s body tempering this weekend, don’t worry, you have another chance 3/16!  Be sure to sign up for a slot, only $1/minute.  The first session of our Girls Who Lift class is coming to an end next week.  It’s been an amazing session and we will definitely be back for more!!  Stay tuned for details 🙂

Here’s your look ahead…

Monday – Back squat day!!  Because no one raps about small butts 😉  Also, a dumbbell/chest to bar version of Fran.  Sorry about that one!

Tuesday – All the cardio today!  Every 2 minutes you have one of the following: rowing, ring dips, running, toes to bar (too soon!), or renegade rows.

Wednesday – A little hang clean + clean + jerk complex to start.  Then, 12 minutes of db sntaches, burpee box jump overs, and chest to bar.

Thursday – Some bench press today, triples.  Afterwards, 5 rounds of pistols, db push press, and strict hspu!  See ya, shoulders!

Friday – TBD once 19.3 is announced.

Saturday – 19.3!!

Sunday Oly with Becca is always a good time!

RISE Look Ahead

Monday – Shoulders and Cardio – 30 sec on/20 sec off

Tuesday – Strength Day!!  Core and shoulders galore!

Wednesday – Functional Fitness – 1:20 on/30 sec off

Thursday – Legs and Cardio (and maybe a little death 😉 ) – 40 sec on/20 sec off

Friday – Spartanish/Burpee Friday!  1:05 on/25 sec off

Saturday – Strength Day!! Legs and back baby!

What will 19.3 have in store!?  Can’t wait to find out!  As always, we’ll see you at the box!