Naughty or Nice WOD + Operation Christmas Child

I think we can all agree that as members of CFP/RISE, living and working where we do, we’re all extremely fortunate, very blessed, and technically some of the richest in the world!  As we know, there are people all over the world that struggle far more than us, especially around the holidays.  This year, we are so excited to be teaming up with Faith RXD Queen City and Operation Christmas Child to help bring some joy to those less fortunate this holiday season.  For those of you who have never heard of it, Operation Christmas Child is a Christian organization that collects and distributes gift boxes to kids who have very few possessions in life, and possibly have never even had a toy of their own.  These boxes include toys, a Bible, toiletry items, school supplies, and possibly some small pieces of clothing/accessories. More information about their mission can be found here.

Every year, Faith RXD does a toy drive that includes a Naughty or Nice WOD, and gives back to an organization of choice based on the local chapter.  We are planning to have the Naughty (Rx) or Nice (Scaled) WOD on Dec 7th followed by a holiday brunch at CFP.  As a way to give back, we are asking that everyone bring a SMALL toy, pick your best option, get your sweat on, and then CFP will provide brunch!  Leading up to this event, we will have a box set up to collect toiletry items as well.  Lastly, we will be doing a Christmas hoodie/sweatshirt order with all proceeds going to this amazing cause!!  (Our generous screen printers have offered to print the shirts at cost for us!)  Money collected from hoodie sales will be spent on buying any extra supplies we can, as well as paying the $9/box shipping that is needed for the shoe boxes.

Things to DONATE:

  • SMALL toys: doll, stuffed animal, jump rope, things that light up (with extra batteries)
  • Toiletry items: non-liquid, such as bar soap, tooth brushes, wash clothes, combs
  • Accessories: socks, hats, sunglasses, hair clips
  • School Supplies (pens, pencils, notebooks, coloring books and crayons)

PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE: candy, toothpaste, gum, food, liquids, seeds, lotions, medications, vitamins, breakable or glass items, aerosol cans, war-related items

We’ve created an event page in our private FB page, so please RSVP so we have enough food!  The more the merrier, feel free to bring friends, spouses, neighbors, kids – just encourage everyone who wants to workout to bring a small toy.  Reach out to Coach Sarah for gift box/Naughty or Nice questions or Michelle and Brandon for party questions.  We can’t wait to celebrate the season with our fit fam and give back a small portion!!