October Athlete of the Month – Sarah Brogden

Meet Sarah Brogden, our October 2019 Athlete of the Month!!

Sarah joined CrossFit Pineville just over a year ago!  Shortly after joining she found out she was pregnant and was sidelined from working out from her doctors.  In early September, when her sweet Sawyer was 8 weeks old, she decided our RISE Wellness Challenge was the perfect start back to working out after having to take about 9 months off.

Sarah has been doing an amazing job!!  Rarely is working out easy and convenient, especially with a newborn 😉 but Sarah has been putting forth the effort and it is paying off!  Sarah wheels Sawyer around from station to station during her workouts and coaches take turns giving snuggles when needed so mama can get some endorphins (they are SO real & beneficial!) and get back to feeling her best so she can be her best for Sawyer!

Sarah, you are such an inspiration!  Keep up the amazing work, the best is yet to come!!  Read more about Sarah below…

Sarah’s Athlete Profile

1. Tell us about yourself in a few sentences.

I am a stay at home wife and mom of a three month old. I love watching comedies, baking, spending time with my family, online shopping, wood working, and going to the beach!

2. What do you hope to achieve through RISE?

This last year of my life has been full of changes. We contracted the build of our first home and we had our first child! Needless to say my stress levels were high and I treated it with food! I am hoping that with the help of RISE I can get back into shape and love my body again! Seems to be working since I’m almost 6 weeks in and down almost 9 pounds!

3. What is your favorite RISE exercise?

It’s a close call between the battle ropes and sledgehammers! They both make me feel like a beast! Haha

4. What RISE exercise do you least like?

Burpees! Without a doubt I hate burpees!

5. What would you tell someone considering trying RISE?
Don’t be afraid to go for it! I was nervous to get back in the gym after not being able to workout through my entire pregnancy but the coaches and other members are so encouraging and help push me through every workout!