A Look Ahead : Programming Week of 12/02

It’s Naughty or Nice week!  Join us this Saturday as we give back to Operation Christmas Child, use our fitness for good, and celebrate the season with some brunch!  Please bring a small-ish toy (that could fit in a shoe box) for a 2-14 year old boy or girl and join us for a big group WOD (CF + RISE) at 9am, brunch to follow!  Get all the details here.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We’re back to regular programming this week (outside of Saturday 😉 ) and we’re ready to end the year strong!  Holiday parties and get togethers are frequent this time of year.  Don’t let your workouts and your nutrition fall to the way side!!  You’ve worked hard all year long, so here’s the game plan…control what you can control!

Look at your calendar each week and schedule those workouts in.  Block it out on you calendar!  Eat at home when you can since there will be lots of parties and more eating away from home than usual.  Drink your water.  Get your rest.  That’s it!  Oh yeah, enjoy the season!!

Here’s your look ahead…

Monday – We’ve got a few short AMRAPs to begin our week.  All couplets, squat snatches + burpees, power cleans + pull-ups, then box jumps + wallballs.  Work hard while the clock is running and enjoy the rest in between.

Tuesday – Back squat day!  Then a chipper of running, wall walks (rx+ handstand walks), and t2b.

Wednesday – Dumbbell shoulder press and floor press up first.  After, 5 rounds of doubles, db hang cleans, and db shoulder to overhead.

Thursday – Every 2 minutes…some running, renegade rows, biking, burpee box jump overs and front leaning on rings.

Friday – Today we metcon first!  It’s a burpee sandwich with front squats in the middle, for time!  Afterwards, kb bulgarian split squats + jump lunges.

Saturday – Naughty or Nice WOD!  View it here and decide if you’ll be naughty (rx) or nice (scaled) this year!

Sunday – Open gym at 11 followed by Endurance class at noon!

RISE Look Ahead

Monday – Strength day!!

Tuesday – EMOM!  Biking, wall walks, burpees, renegade rows, 100m sprint, & hollow holds!

Wednesday – Spartanish training!  1:30 on/30 sec off

Thursday – Glycolytic Interval – 40 sec on/20 sec off

Friday – 3 rounds, working against a 10 minute clock…a fun chipper of biking, burpees, db hang clean and jerks, box jumps, db snatches, and rowing!

Saturday – Naughty or Nice WOD!  View it here and have no fear, we will have a RISE version with dumbbells instead of barbells!

Let’s end the year on a high note!  As always, we can’t wait to see you at the box!