A Look Ahead : Programming Week of 03/16

But seriously!  It’s been a weird week and weekend, no?  Just a week ago we were so pumped for Battle of the Ages this weekend, only to have to make the extremely difficult decision to postpone (right now to Saturday, June 13th).  We’ve decided to do away with partner WODs for the time being.  We’re asking that you wash/sanitize on the way in and the way out and that you wipe down every little thing you touch.  We’re spraying and cleaning and sanitizing…door handles, faucets, water fountains, equipment, etc.

We will be sending out more notices ASAP so stay tuned.  At home workout options will be posted daily in Wodify and our private Facebook page.  Staying active, being healthy and fit is the best way to boost one’s immune system and counter stress.  We want to remain a constant in your life, even if that means from a distance for a little while.  We’re all in this together (from afar)!

Here’s your look ahead…

Monday – Some accessory work up first – muscle up transition work + power cleans.  Then, working against a 3 minute clock, a little running paired with strict pull-ups (rx+ ring muscle ups) and running paired with power cleans.

Tuesday – Front squat day!  Followed by rowing, wallballs, and t2b!

Wednesday – Longer metcon day – alternating every 2 minutes you’ve got biking, goblet lunges, db snatches, burpee box jump overs and single leg t2b.

Thursday – Going overhead, working those split jerks today.  Then, some intervals of strict pull-ups, db floor press and du.

Friday – A new-ish girl benchmark WOD, Christine!  3 rounds of rowing, deadlifts, and box jumps!  After, barbell bridges and plank work.

Saturday – A bodyweight (ie no shared equipment) partner WOD!  Woohoo!

Sunday – Open gym from 11-12 and Oly class with Coach Becca at noon!

RISE Look Ahead

Monday – Strength Day!!  All about those shoulders and core!  And burpees 🙂

Tuesday – Up against a 5 minute clock!  Skiing, kbs, goblet squats, and abmat situps AND rowing, db thrusters, and db snatch.

Wednesday – Alternating EMOM – wallballs, jump rope, wreck bag squats, some running and a little built in rest!

Thursday – All the things!  1:20 on/30 sec off

Friday – Full body, baby!  40 sec on/20 sec off

Saturday – A bodyweight (ie no shared equipment) partner WOD!  Woohoo!

Please be smart and use your best judgement on coming into the gym right now!  Test some of our at home workouts and let us know how they are!  We’re looking forward to when things go back to normal (because we have faith, they will!), we can’t wait to see you at the box!