A Look Ahead : Programming Week of 03/23

It’s true, we are missing our fit fam right about now!  We miss seeing all your smiling faces, sharing in tough workouts together, and high fives on the way out.  There’s so much we don’t know right now.  But we’re certain Wednesday wasn’t goodbye, just a see ya later!!  We’re focusing on the good, the things we can control, and we’re making the best of it!  So we’re ready for the first full week of at home WODs!

We will continue to post normal ‘class workouts’, so depending on the equipment you have at home, you might be able to complete some of them as written.  We will also be posting the at home version every day along with a video explaining the workout, modification options, etc.  Be sure to join our private FB page for access to the videos!

We may not be able to see each other face to face, but the workout videos and selfies y’all have been sharing are making us so happy and proud!  Keep moving, keep the faith, keep tagging us!  We can’t wait to see y’all at the box in a few short weeks!  Here’s your look ahead…

Monday – We’ve got a 30 min alternating EMOM to start our week off!  Biking, wallballs, push-ups, box jump overs and ring support holds.

At home version – shuttle runs, wallballs or goblet squats, push-ups, box jump overs or jump ropes, and hollow holds.

Tuesday – Snatch work up first!  Then, 3 rounds of rowing, doubles, and overhead squats.

At home version – KB or DB snatch EMOM, followed by 3 rounds of running, doubles, and single arm DB (or KB) overhead lunges.

Wednesday – Front squat day!  Paused front squat + front squats.  Afterwards, hang squat cleans + chest to bar pull-ups!

At home version – Tempo goblet squats and single leg RDLs.  Afterwards, burpees over the kb and kb clusters!

**Coach Alex will be hosting fABtastic via Zoom this Wednesday at 5:30pm!  The link will be posted in our private FB page on Wednesday!**

Thursday – Three 9-min AMRAPs for the class or at home version!  Get ready for some sore legs!

Friday – Bench press up first!  After, 5 rounds of pistols, plyo push-ups and box jump overs.

At home version – DB bench press + db bent over row!  After, 5 rounds of pistols, plyo push-ups and box jump overs (or lateral hops over a KB).

Saturday – Missing our old partner WODs?  Just facetime a friend and make it your own partner WOD 😉

These are strange times friends, but we’re in this together!  Please, reach out if you need anything!!  We love you guys, stay healthy and well!