What is crossfit?

Here's how to get started

#1 Free Intro Class

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We offer free trial classes for any friends, family & potential athletes, so come in and try a workout with us to see what CrossFit is all about. We are proud to serve the Pineville and Ballantyne communities. Take a look at our schedule & pick a class time that works for you. At CFP, we strive to offer a safe, FUN, and effective program to fit the needs of varied fitness levels. Follow the link below or give us a call at 704-889-0190 and set up your FREE Intro Class today!


We ask members that are new to CrossFit to take 3 Foundations Classes. All 3 classes must be completed prior to joining regularly scheduled group classes. Our Foundations Classes are designed to acclimate each individual to the fundamental movements and concepts of CrossFit and will ready athletes for participation in our regular CrossFit classes. Foundations Classes are typically 1-on-1 with a coach! You will be assigned a Foundations coach and schedule your 3 classes with that coach. Foundations classes are $100. Once complete, you can decide which membership option you would prefer and begin participating in regular classes. Coaches will continue to help new athletes modify movements, scale workouts and guide each athlete as needed and necessary in order to receive the maximum benefits for their current fitness level. Some athletes may benefit from a more individualized, extensive series of 6 Foundations Classes. If this is needed, we are happy to set this up on a personalized basis. A series of 6 Foundations Classes costs $150 and is 1-on-1 with one of our skilled and trained coaches.

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#2 Foundation Classes
#3 Set up Wodify & Join group classes

Wodify is the member and performance tracking system we use at CFP!
You’ll check into each class through Wodify, log your weightlifting and workout results and
track your progress as you get stronger and more fit!



It's as easy as that...