Performance Lab

At CFP, we offer both boys and girls Performance Lab Classes geared towards young athletes ages 10-18. These classes are appropriate for any teens involved in any sport and are made up of a variety of strength & conditioning exercises. Performance Lab classes aim to engrain proper lifting technique in our athletes, as well as increase physical competence in the 10 domains of physical fitness, including power, speed & agility. Teens ages 12 and up also have the option to workout in our regular CrossFit classes with parent permission.


CrossFit Pineville offers weekly Homeschool Performance Lab Classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 1:00 pm. Students are taken through a dynamic group warm-up, a weightlifting or skill set and some type of metabolic conditioning. Students are able to work together for lifting sets and skill drills, develop proper lifting technique and form while increasing their body awareness and having fun! Rates are $80/month (2 classes/week) and $65 for each additional participant per family.