Physical Therapist
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Certified Athletic Trainer
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

The first time Amy stepped into the CFP box was in 2013 when Coach Warren handed her a small flyer of a free CFP class.  At that time, Amy was finishing her last clinical rotation as a student physical therapist in Gastonia, NC.  She was skeptical at first and remembers performing a deadlift (for the first time…EVER) at 85lbs and thinking it was the heaviest thing she’d ever tried to pick up from the floor. From there, she knew CrossFit was the perfect fit to fill the void of retiring from college sports.  Amy now operates her own cash-based physical therapy clinic, Fortress Physical Therapy, and received her CrossFit Level 1 Trainer status in February 2015 to join the CFP team!  Taking this leap of faith and becoming an athlete/coach at CFP has truly changed Amy’s perspective on the performance/fitness industry as well as her personal goals of competing again.  “At CFP, you will NEVER leave unsatisfied – trust me.”