CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Growing up, I played every sport I could find and eventually gravitated to Baseball and Wrestling. In high school, I was a small and scrawny little guy. I wanted to grow and become stronger for my sports, so I began training with a strength coach in my hometown. Once I started college and my organized sport career ended, I landed in the gym as a way to maintain and continue to be the best version of an athlete I could be. Upon completing college, I spent a year and a half as a Strength and Conditioning Coach at Penn State University and Mount Saint Mary’s University.

My college roommate was really into CrossFit, and upon moving to Charlotte in June 2014, I gave into his sales pitch on trying it out. It was an amazing decision and I wish I had made it sooner. After a year in Charlotte, I wanted to get back into coaching. Where better to do that than the place that opened my world to the sport CrossFit. My passion for fitness has always driven me to want to inspire others to better themselves, and I want to give the same experience within CFP that I received when I first began here.