April 2019 Athlete of the Month – David Perkins!!!

Meet our April 2019 Athlete of the Month – Dave Perkins!!!

Dave has been a member of CFP & RISE for almost 15 months now!  He is a busy husband and proud dad of twin girls now in college.  Dave has come so far in his time with us.  He first joined wanting to get healthier and in better shape, and I would say he has definitely accomplished both!  He has shed some body fat, added lean muscle, and keeps improving month after month on those lifts and metcons!

Dave trains smart and has made sure to check his ego at the door.  He’s focused on form and has continued to get stronger, most recently PRing his snatch at our Battle of the Ages competition!  Dave has an encouraging word every time you see him and never leaves without a few fist bumps after the WOD.  We’re so thankful to have you as part of our community at CFP, Dave!

Keep up the great work, the best is yet to come!  Read more about Dave below…

  1. Tell us about yourself in a few sentences.  Raised in a military family so moved around a bit but grew up primarily in FL – proud to say there are no “Florida Man” stories about me.  In May, my wife and I celebrate our 25th anniversary; we are the proud parents of twin girls who currently attend Furman University.  Love to laugh and watch sports – my favorites are the Florida Gators, Miami Dolphins and the USA in any, and all, international competitions.
  2. What do you hope to achieve through CrossFit?  In 2020, I will turn 50 so I’m hoping CF will help me develop the physical foundation to actively enjoy the later years of my life.  After a year, I’ve already seen improvements with my physique, knees and back.  I’m now able to play golf without needing a day to recover from knee and back soreness and have started an annual surf trip with friends down in FL (I can’t guarantee there may not be future “Florida Man” stories resulting from these trips).
  3. What is your favorite CF exercise?  The Power Clean but I really enjoy the creativity of the holiday-themed metcons – I especially enjoyed the 12-days of Christmas and the recent Easter-themed metcon with my CFP class.
  4. What CF exercise do you least like?  The Burpee, especially the burpee over bar.  It’s crazy that I have no problems with the 24-inch box overs but get so tired “jumping” over a 6-inch bar after doing a burpee; I say “jump” but it’s more like a skip…ugh.
  5. What would you tell someone considering trying CFP?  Honestly, I don’t think I can fully articulate what this box means to me.  It’s so much more than just a gym; I know this is a cliché but it truly feels like family.  The coaches are personable, super attentive, offer suggestions to improve technique and provide scaling options to help members dealing with ailments or who can’t complete the workouts as prescribed.  The coaches and members are so welcoming to new members and are full of encouragement – everyone truly wants to see you succeed in achieving your personal goals.  I can’t tell you how many workouts I’ve been proud to complete but know that I wouldn’t have gotten through it without hearing a word of encouragement from someone when I was at the brink.  As if this type of environment wasn’t enough, a brewery will soon be opening right next door; looking forward to some future post-workout “cooldowns” there.

March Athlete of the Month – Emily Parker

It may be April 2nd, but we still owe a huge congrats to our March Athlete of the Month, Emily Parker!!!

Emily has been a member of CrossFit Pineville for just over a year, but she’s been doing CrossFit for much longer, about 6 years actually!  She and her husband Joe joined the gym once they moved to Charlotte and we love having them at CFP!!  They like to switch it up between the early AM and the evening classes, so tell Emily congrats next time you see her 🙂

You would think after 6 years of CrossFit, your progress would slow, but Emily proves that wrong!  Just this year in the Open, Emily got her first bar muscle ups and her first strict handstand push-ups!!!  The whole gym erupted in cheers for her first bar muscle up, it was a really cool moment!  Emily has become a regular in CrossFit competitions (as seen above) and continues to get stronger and more fit with each passing month.

Excited for you Emily, keep up the awesome work!  The best is yet to come!!

Emily’s Athlete Profile

1. Tell us about yourself in a few sentences.  My husband Joe and I started at CFP in January 2018 after moving to Charlotte. I’ve been doing CrossFit for about 6 years. We have two dogs; Layla a Mutt and Quincy a Pekapoo. I’m a User Experience Designer at RedVentures. 
2. What do you hope to achieve through CrossFit?  I do CrossFit for general health and fitness. I’ve always been active in something – cheerleading growing up, then group fitness in college. CrossFit is the only activity that has kept me physically and mentally challenged. 
3. What is your favorite CF exercise?  Snatch
4. What CF exercise do you least like?  Running
5. What would you tell someone considering trying CFP?  Give it a chance! I was intimidated by CrossFit before I started, but it’s the most welcoming gym environment I’ve ever been a part of. The coaches of CFP will ensure that you’re safe, modifying the right exercises and challenged. The community is always there to cheer you on and encourage you. 

February 2019 Athlete of the Month : Sherine Hathout

Meet our February 2019 Athlete of the Month – Sherine Hathout!!

Sherine just celebrated her one year anniversary at our gym back in January!  She’s a busy mom of two and was looking for a little more guidance in her workouts.  As long as she’s in the country, you can almost guarantee Sherine will be coming in for her mid-morning workout!  She does a little of both CrossFit and RISE, but lately has found her stride in our RISE HIIT classes.  She is always up for a challenge and strives to work the whole interval, giving it all she’s got.

Sherine, that hard work is paying off!  Keep it up, the best is yet to come!  Read a little more about Sherine below…

1. Tell us about yourself in a few sentences.  I am an architect who is now a stay at home mom. I’ve lived on every continent except for Australia and I love to travel.

2. What do you hope to achieve through RISE? I love fast pace and challenging workouts. RISE is all of that and more! I want to build muscle, improve my fitness and endurance and I’d also like to look good too:)

3. What is your favorite exercise? If I have to pick just one I would have to say….BURPEES!

4. What exercise do you least like? Any run over 400m

5. What would you tell someone considering trying CFP/RISE? DO IT! I have never had as much fun working out. The coaches are the BEST! I truly love coming in every day, and I feel lucky to be surrounded by so many wonderful people that encourage and motivate each other. I feel more energetic, stronger and overall the best I’ve ever felt.

January 2019 Athlete of the Month – Evelyn Karras

Meet our January 2019 Athlete of the Month…Evelyn Karras!!

Evelyn is coming up on her 18 month anniversary with us at CrossFit Pineville!!  She joined us back in August of 2017 and has been a regular at the 7pm class since.  Evelyn always walks in with a smile and gives the WOD her best effort that day.  That hard work is paying off with all kinds of gold stars on the whiteboard!!  Woohoo!

Keep up the awesome work Evelyn, the best is yet to come!!  Read more about Evelyn below…

  1. Tell us about yourself in a few sentences.  I was born and raised in Charlotte, very rare these days, but I am Greek!! Both of my parents immigrated from Greece, which means I have quite a large family. I grew up playing sports, soccer in particular, but those days are long behind me now. I even stayed local for college and went to UNCC and received my bachelor’s degree in foreign languages (Spanish). I joined CFP about a year and a half ago just after turning 30 and feel the strongest I’ve ever felt.
  2. What do you hope to achieve through CrossFit?  I hope to be at my healthiest, improve my physical performance, and to simply be a strong female athlete. I’ve always worked out, but CrossFit showed me otherwise and I never looked back. Strong is beautiful!!
  3. What is your favorite CF exercise?  Favorite would be cleans.
  4. What CF exercise do you least like?  Least favorite would be anything gymnastics as this is where I struggle the most.
  5. What would you tell someone considering trying CFP?  I would tell them to just jump in because you will surprise yourself. It’s not as scary as it looks and the coaches really do take the time to know everyone and their abilities.

October 2017 Athlete of the Month – George Wright!

Meet our October 2017 Athlete of the Month, George!!


George joined our awesome community about 4 months ago and we are so glad he did!  George comes into RISE every day with a smile on his face (even when there’s burpees!) ready to work!  He’s been on a weight loss and overall health journey for a while and was ready to step up his workout game!  He is consistent week in and week out and it is paying off!!

Screen-Shot-2017-10-16-at-10.32.28-AM Screen-Shot-2017-10-16-at-10.34.13-AM

George is a busy working husband & father of two, but he’s made the commitment to put his health on the front burner and has made it a priority!  He is putting in the work and is consistently losing weight & inches, while increasing his lean muscle mass.  Plus, being able to do awesome things like handstands & high box jumps!!  George is here almost every night and weekend, and you can find him stretching on the turf after most classes.  Be sure to tell him congrats next time you see him 🙂


George, we are so glad to have you apart of our community!  Keep up the awesome work, the best is yet to come!  Read more about George below…

George’s Athlete Profile

1. Tell us about yourself in a few sentences. The only appropriate way I could describe myself would be through a MySpace quiz:

• Single or taken? Married with 2 awesome boys!

• Are you a morning or night person? Morning!

• Do you prefer sweet or salty foods? Sweet foods are my nemesis.

• Ninjas or pirates? Um, pirates I guess.

• What was your favorite childhood program? Saved By The Bell. (Side note: It’s amazing how much better TV Themes songs were back in the day. Do people even try anymore?)

• You’re given 1 million dollars, what do you spend it on? Myself. I’m really greedy.

• Do you have any hobbies? Going to the Panthers & Hornets games, video games, selfies, Instagram stalking

• Do you have a celebrity crush? Ellie Goulding <3

• Name one thing you miss about being a kid? Not having to pay bills

• List 3 of your best personality traits: Funny, good listener, optimistic

• List 3 of your worst personality traits: Moody, whiny, lazy

All right, please put me in your Top 8!

2. What do you hope to achieve through RISE Charlotte? When I first started coming, I just “wanted to lose weight.” But now I want to try and become the best version of myself. Hanging out and working out with such a great group of people really makes you push yourself.

3. What is your favorite exercise? Handstand holds! I love these because this is something I never thought I would be able to do.

4. What exercise do you least like? To no one’s surprise… Running! (Wall balls are a close second. Just saying.)

5. What would you tell someone considering trying RISE or CrossFit Pineville? Since high school, I have always been the person who went to the gym alone and just sort of did my own thing. Since coming here, I’ve made way more progress than I could have ever imagined. I’ve tried doing things that I never would’ve done on my own (like handstands and high box jumps), plus working out with a group is a blast. I know from experience how intimidating it can be to walk into a gym where you can’t hide under your headphones, but everyone here is so great and I was totally welcomed into this wonderful community!

September 2017 Athlete of the Month – Nikki Kirsch

Meet our September 2017 Athlete of the Month – Nikki Kirsch!!


Nikki has been a member of CFP since January and she has been killing the fitness game!!  She’s had big goals from the start and hasn’t let anything stand in her way!  Not only has she gotten stronger, PRing lifts every week, but in a short 9 months, Nikki has lost 20lbs and two pant sizes!!!  She participated in our nutrition challenge last spring and through the use of intermittent fasting/nutritional cleansing, meal replacement shakes and counting macros, she’s maintained her weight loss while adding on lean muscle mass!

Celebrating fitting back in a size Small Scrubs!!

Nikki is a rockstar single mama to 3 awesome kiddos as well as a nurse anesthetist, often working 10+ hour days.  So to say she’s busy is an understatement!  But she makes no excuses and is generally in the gym 4-5x a week getting after those goals.  She can generally be found at the 9am class on her days off, smiling & sweating.  On Saturday WODs she’s not above bribery to get her kids to stay in the kid room so mama can get a workout, and that is one reason we love you Nikki! 😉

Nikki, you are an example to us all, showing your kids that health & fitness is important and making it a priority in your life.  We have no doubt that 40 will have never looked or felt so good!  We’re so glad that you’re apart of our amazing CFP community!  Keep up the great work, the best is yet to come!

Nikki’s Athlete Profile

  1. Tell us about yourself in a few sentences.  I’m a Christian, Mom, and CRNA.  I go to church at Forest Hill and lead a women’s life group there.  I’m a single Mom to three children that most of you have seen around the box, and stay super busy with them.  I have my Master’s of Nursing in Anesthesia and work as a CRNA at CMC Main/Levine.  In non medical terms, I put kiddos to sleep for surgeries and procedures.
  2. What do you hope to achieve through CrossFit?  I turn 40 next year and have some bucket list trips planned.  (Havasu and Kilimanjaro) I knew I couldn’t do those in the shape I was in, and decided CFP was a good place to get in shape!  The kids room and family friendly atmosphere were just what I needed to get healthy and be able to do these trips.
  3. What is your favorite CF exercise?  Anything barbell.  Back squats, front squats, squat cleans. #allthesquats
  4. What CF exercise to you like least?  Wallballs.  Yuck!
  5. What would you tell someone considering trying CFP or CrossFit in general?  You do NOT need to get in shape to start coming. Show up, the coaches will teach you all the modifications, and it will be fine!  And you won’t find a more supportive group of people to cheer you on!

August 2017 Athlete of the Month – Sarah Carley

Meet our August 2017 RISE Athlete of the Month – Sarah Carley!


Sarah has been attending our Strength and Conditioning Interval Training Program, RISE Charlotte, for over a year now!  Her husband Dan is also a member of CFP and RISE and they are both staples of our early AM classes, although that may be changing come this fall as they welcome a baby boy!!

Sarah makes no excuses and has been consistent since day 1!  Coming in with a love of yoga and great stability and mobility, she has made tremendous progress, increasing her strength and endurance!  Everyone continues to be inspired by Sarah’s dedication as she walks in every morning with her growing baby belly.  It’s hard to make up an excuse as to why you can’t workout or should slow down when Sarah is working out next you 😉

We’re proud to have you as a member at RISE, Sarah!  Keep up the great work!  We have no doubt, the best is yet to come!

Sarah’s Athlete Profile

1. Tell us about yourself in a few sentences.  I’m a psychologist, newly registered yoga teacher, mom to two fur children, and have one two-legged child coming in October. I joined RISE a little over a year ago after my husband spent over 6 months trying to talk me into coming in.  I grew up playing sports, but college and grad school seriously affected my health habits and I was looking for a new way to enjoy working out again.  After visiting RISE I was hooked, and have made some great friends along the way.

2. What do you hope to achieve through RISE Charlotte?  I hope to continue working to improve my physical performance, experience new obstacles, and get back to my pre-pregnancy body 🙂

3. What is your favorite exercise?  Anything ABS!

4. What exercise do you least like?  Heavy Ropes

5. What would you tell someone considering trying RISE or CrossFit Pineville?  Entering a CrossFit gym can be scary and intimidating, but, within the RISE community in this specific box I have made new friends, tried new things, and experienced physical changes that have been amazing.

Athlete of the Month – July 2017

Meet Mike Morelli, our July 2017 Athlete of the Month!!

FullSizeRender (2)

Mike joined us back in February after deciding he was ready to make a change in the fitness department.  Sitting at a desk all day wasn’t helping, so he took our 3 foundations classes and never looked back!  Mike has made tons of progress since starting with us!  He is a constant in our 5am class, always gives his best effort, and makes zero excuses!

Mike is quick to greet everyone as they walk through our doors and to tell the 6am class how much fun they have to look forward to 😉  He does an awesome job of pushing himself, while staying smart with each workout!  He’s getting stronger, faster, and hitting PR’s all the time!

Mike, we’re so glad to have you as part of the CFP community and so proud of all your hard work!  Keep it up, the best is yet to come!

Mike’s Athlete Profile

1. Tell us about yourself in a few sentences.  I’m originally from Long Island, NY but have lived in Charlotte the last 10 years.  Many many years (and pounds) ago I was a wrestler and distance runner, but after 20 years at a desk my fitness was at an all time low.  I decided that needed to change, but needed something to keep me interested.  I’ve watched the CrossFit Games for the last few years and always wanted to try a massively scaled down version, so here I am.

2. What do you hope to achieve through CrossFit?  
Starting my day with CrossFit makes me feel good throughout the day by giving me a sense of accomplishment.  I know if I tried to go in the afternoons that work would get in the way or I would find any excuse not to go.  I hope to continue to improve my fitness that will lead to a happier/healthier me.

3. What is your favorite CF exercise?  
Any type of shoulder to overhead movement that doesn’t include squatting first (see below).

4. What CF exercise do you least like?  
Thrusters – I’m terrible at anything involving legs but thrusters are on its own level.  They are tough from the first rep and it just gets painfully worse from there.

5. What would you tell someone considering trying CFP or CrossFit in general?  Definitely give CrossFit a try if you want to improve your fitness, but you keep getting in your own way.  The support from the staff and members really helps keep you motivated.  It feels more like a team practice or hobby versus just exercising.  It’s definitely not boring, that’s for sure!

July 2017 Athlete of the Month – Jason Cansler

Meet our July 2017 Athlete of the Month – Jason Cansler!!


Jason, better known as Lil J, is one of CFP’s OG members!  He’s been with us since the beginning and has not only been a faithful, loyal member, he’s grown and made tremendous progress!  Lil J is one of Coach Warren’s best friends, so he was obligated to join in the beginning, but he chose to stick around and we’re so glad he did!

After a year or so, his girlfriend at the time, Jackie came to join our community as well.  Now, 3 years later, they’re married and are both such a wonderful part of our community!!  Lil J is consistent as they come, in the box 4-5x a week, putting in the work, working on skills and cheering on his classmates.

We’re so glad you’ve stayed around, Jason, and are happy to FINALLY give you the recognition you deserve!  Keep it up, the best is yet to come!

Jason’s Athlete Profile

  1. Tell us about yourself in a few sentences. Life long athlete, played football and wrestled in high school. Found CrossFit through Warren Gheen four years ago. I love being fit and in shape, CrossFit was a way to still be fit and have fun with a great community. I love this gym and the people in it. I’ve put my blood sweat and tears into it.
  2. What do you hope to achieve through CrossFit? I hope to be able to reach my ultimate fitness potential through CrossFit as well as making life long friends and family.
  3. What is your favorite CF exercise? My favorite exercises are anything upper body. MU, pushups, push press, bench press, hspu…you name, it I love it.
  4. What CF exercise do you least like? Least favorite is anything with legs or running. I hate them all, but its a love-hate relationship. I hate them, but they still make me better.
  5. What would you tell someone considering trying CFP or CrossFit in general? Advice to anyone wanting to try it ? Come in, swallow that pride and get to work. Yes that girl is doing more or better than you, so is that guy. Who cares? You do better. You being here already means you are winning. No one will laugh at you or fault you for not doing well, so long as its your best that day. Who knows you might be asked to join a competition with your spouse and end up kicking ass in the process. #CFP #Flyhigh22

May 2017 Athlete of the Month – Charles Kennedy

Meet Charles Kennedy, our May 2017 Athlete of the Month!!


Charles has been attending CrossFit Pineville for about 2 1/2 years now!!  He started during a partnership we had with a local baseball training facility for some weightlifting and conditioning training.  Once that ended, Charles didn’t want to stop coming!!  He and his mom, Margaret, helped us form our Performance Lab classes!  Twice a week we train a group of young teen boys who are homeschooled.  They get to learn and engrain proper lifting technique with a fun group of peers, as well as increase physical competence in the 10 domains of physical fitness, including power, speed & agility.

Charles brings 100% effort each and every time he walks through the door!  He doesn’t let anything hold him back from performing to the best of his ability each and every day!  He is a leader in the group and encourages others to try their best and to give their best effort.

Recently, Charles has been coming to some regular RISE and CrossFit classes when he is unable to make the PL classes.  He has taken on new challenges of movements we don’t do as much in our PL classes (like snatches and handstand work) and gives everything a shot!

Charles, we are certain you will go far in life in whatever you choose to do!  We look forward to helping you grow and get stronger over these next several years as a teen athlete!  Keep up the good work, the best is yet to come!

Read more about Charles below.  And if you know a teen who would like to be apart of our Performance Lab classes, email us at info@pinevillecrossfit.com ASAP!  Our summer classes will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am.

Charles’ Athlete Profile

  1. Tell us about yourself in a few sentences. I really enjoy being outdoors. Hunting, fishing, and hiking are some of my favorite activities. I homeschool so it makes it easier to do these things. Along with that I love playing sports and watching sports on TV like football and Baseball. I play baseball for two teams right now, the Carolina Royals and South Charlotte’s 13u Babe Ruth team. I mostly pitch and play first base. I thank God for the gifts of my health and strength. I believe I need to take care of those gifts and work hard to maintain what he’s given me.
  2. What do you hope to achieve through CrossFit? In 2009 I had a stroke and was paralyzed on the entire left side of my body. Over the years I have been able to regain most of that strength. Through CF I not only hope to get fit, but also to build strength in my still very weak left leg. CF has provided a great way to become stronger mentally and physically and I am trying to take advantage of this opportunity.
  3. What is your favorite CF exercise? My favorite CF exercise is probably rowing. I have a rowing erg at home and I get a lot of practice time in.
  4. What CF exercise do you least like? I don’t like to do any type of squatting, therefore wall balls are at the top of the “don’t like” list.
  5. What would you tell someone considering trying CFP or CrossFit in general? I have some friends who want to try CF. I always tell them to try it, because you can go every day of the week to the gym or you can go only two days a week to CF and still feel like your getting in shape and doing something good for your body.