Personal Training

Several Coaches at CrossFit Pineville have the availability to offer Personal Training to any athletes that may desire a 1-on-1 training setting, want to pursue certain training goals, or may have certain needs that require 1-on-1 programming (i.e. a previous injury, surgery, etc). All our coaches are extremely qualified and enjoy helping their clients reach their fitness goals and obtain overall better health and wellness. Contact any of the coaches below for more information and to set up your personal training sessions.


Warren Gheen, DPT, SFMA, FMS

I have been a practicing physical therapist since 2009 and a personal trainer since 2001.  I have a passion for helping people improve their movement quality and their overall performance.  My experience includes training grade school athletes, college and professional level athletes, as well as “every day” folks.  Every individual has different goals as well as strength and weaknesses.  Each individual is designed a unique program. My approach is to develop goals and strategies for each of my clients to be successful in their health, fitness, or athletic pursuits.


Each Session 1 Hour 

$70/ Single Session

$325 5 Pack ($65/Session)

$60/Session for 10+ Sessions