Announcements – Coming Soon at CFP!!!

3 fun announcements for you today!!  Get your order in, mark your calendars, and get signed up ASAP!!

First up… New t-shirts and tanks coming atcha!!

We’re pumped for a little tye-dye action this summer.  We have men’s tanks and tees as well as women’s cropped tanks, tanks and flowy cropped tees.  Hopefully, something for everybody 😉  Be sure to sign up for your preferred style and size on the box by the Wodify kiosk or send us a message with your order!

Second… Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 25th.  Body Fat Test of NC will (finally, thanks Covid) be back at CFP & RISE!  Their hydro-static dunk tank is THE gold standard for measuring body composition!  In a short 15 minutes, you’ll receive so much valuable information that can help take your training and nutrition to the next level…

  • Resting Metabolic Rate
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Lean Mass vs Body Fat
  • Body Fat Percentage
  • And more!

Secure your spot today!  Get signed up here!

Lastly… AMRAP 4 Autism is Saturday, August 1st!!  We are excited to be a satellite host for their fundraising workout at our gym with heat times at 8am, 9am, and 10am.  Pick your preferred heat time and get signed up here!  Registration is just $32 and all proceeds go to the Autism Strong Foundation, supporting local families impacted by Autism.

Share some donuts and mimosas with us (socially distanced and outside) post WOD, all for a good cause!  You’ll be making an impact, sharing in an awesome workout, and receive a t-shirt for participating!

We will have indoor or outdoor workout space, plenty of social distance with 20 participants per heat, and scaling options as well.  We’re looking forward to a great day and being able to give back!

A Look Ahead : Programming Week of 04/02

Happy Easter!! We hope you’ve enjoyed celebrating and the GORGEOUS weather today!!  Hopefully that’s a peak of what’s in store for this month as March’s weather was less than stellar.  Just in time for warmer temps & spring/summer weather…new tank order forms are out!  We have 2 crop top or muscle tank options for the the ladies and a t-shirt/tank option for the fellas.  Sign up sheets are by Wodify & the RISE board, so get signed up ASAP!

Who’s ready for an awesome week ahead!?  We deloaded a bit last week, this week is back to training!  Here’s your look ahead…

Monday – Ready to test some 1 rep maxes??  It’s CrossFit Total day!  No metcon today.  Today, we test our 1RM Back Squat, Shoulder Press, and Deadlift.  Can’t wait to see all the gold stars!

Tuesday – Supersetting some kb Bulgarian split squats with some pull-up work.  Then, all the rowing and running conditioning!

Wednesday – We have some station work to start off today – biking, kbs + thrusters, a little running & some pull-ups.  After, all the core work.

Thursday – Push jerk work today, working through some percentages up to a heavy single.  Our metcon today is 12 mins of DU, dumbbell snatch, and t2b.  Fun times!

Friday – Time for a girl WOD!  Today is Christine – rowing, deadlifts and box jumps!  Some accessory work to follow.

Saturday – Partner WOD Saturday!!  Grab a friend and get ready to sweat!

Sunday Oly with Becca is back!  So be there or be sad 😉

RISE Look Ahead

Monday – Aerobic Interval – 1:20 on/30 sec off

Tuesday – Strength Day!!

Wednesday – Anaerobic Interval – 20 sec on/20 sec off

Thursday – Aerobic Interval – 1:05 on/25 sec off

Friday – Glycolytic Interval – 30 sec on/15 sec off

Saturday – Strength Day!!

It’s a great week to have a great week….as always, we’ll see you at the top!

A Look Ahead : Programming Week of 10/16


Hoodie weather is coming!!  It looks like it might finally start to feel a little more fallish in these parts, so it’s time to order some new hoodies!  How awesome are these new logos!?  We have sign up sheets in front of Wodify and on the RISE cubbies, so sign up ASAP!  We’ll place the order at the end of the month!

And did you hear!?  Spirit week is coming!!  Get your workout gear and costumes ready for next week!  There could be some prizes involved 😉

We have a couple more weeks of our front squat/overhead programming, so hang in there!  We’re excited to see all those gold stars & PRs!!  As always, we’re excited for an awesome week!  Here’s your look ahead…

Monday – Front squat day!  Working through some percentages today up to some heavy singles at 90+%.  Then, 3 rounds of front squats, chest to bar (rx+ bar muscle ups) and bar facing burpees.  Oh my!

Tuesday – We’ll start with a fun snatch complex today.  For our metcon, we’ve got 3 rounds of running, hspu & pull-ups.

Wednesday – Some jerk balance accessory work & split jerks.  Then some descending reps of rowing, wallballs and deadlifts!

Thursday – Some paused front squats & regular front squats today, followed by box jumps, pull-ups & snatches in the metcon.

Friday – Gymnasty day!  Some different accessory work in a little EMOM.  Afterwards, DU, t2b & push presses!

Saturday – A fun Saturday partner WOD of running, wallballs & box jumps awaits!  Grab a partner & get to the gym!

Sunday Oly with Becca!  Sundays are for lifting 😉

RISE Look Ahead

This is our final week of Swole Joel programming!  We’re excited for Coach Sarah to take on this task as Joel moves on to this next chapter!

Monday – Aerobic – 3 mins on/1 min off


Wednesday – Glycolytic – 20 sec on/10 sec off

Thursday – Anaerobic – 20 sec on/20 sec off


Saturday – Glycolytic – 45 sec on/15 sec off

A Look Ahead : Programming Week of 04/11

tanks  shirt

New tanks & shirts have arrived!!  Come get yours before we sell out at Battle of the Ages this weekend!

Welcome to deload week…we’ll be taking a bit of a break from the heavy weights this week.  You won’t see Rx+ options being offered this week.  Scale back a bit, give your skeletal muscular system a break and be ready to work on those metcons!

Monday – We have a snatch pull + hang snatch complex to start out.  Not going above 70% of your 1RM today.  Then 4 full rounds of 4 strict pull-ups, 7 single arm KB thrusters, 8 kipping pull-ups, 7 single arm KB thrusters, 2 rounds from 0-6 min, 2 rounds again from 6-12 min.

Tuesday – We’re metconing first today with 3 rounds of 4 TGU, 15 power snatch and 25 box jumps.  We finish off with handstand push-up work.  Hello shoulders!

Wednesday – A little bit of run/walk ratios – 6 rounds of 1:30 run, :30 walk, and then we pick up a barbell 🙂 We’ll have 5 climbing sets of 3 front squats + 1 jerk.

Thursday – Slow and steady is the theme of today!  You have a nice long chipper to work though, you’ll need a rower, box, a kettlebell, wallball and abmat.  Good luck!

Friday – We begin with some paused snatch grip deadlifts, 5 sets of 2 at your 1RM snatch.  Another chipper today, but not near as long!  Just a few KB snatch, HR push-ups and abmat sit-ups.  Then an 800 to finish the day!

Saturday – NO CLASS!  Battle of the Ages at CFP!!!

Sunday Oly – A clean complex form position 2 – 2 hang pulls + 1 hang power clean + 2 front squats, a little split jerk work form the rack, and some RDLs.  So fun!!

It’s going to be an awesome week!  We’ll see you at the box!

Suns Out Guns Out


Spring is here peeps, it’s time to get your tank top order in for the warm summer months approaching!  We’ll be placing our order for the tanks below NEXT Friday, April 1st!

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 9.05.39 PM

The men’s option is the Next Level CVC Tank and the ladies option is the Next Level Burnout Racerback Tank.  Available colors are listed at the gym by the sign up sheet near the fridge.  Get one tank for $20 or 2 for $35!

Stock up in order to flex those hard earned muscles!  Happy tank top season 😉

Winter Hoodie Order!

It’s that time again…time to order some new Hoodies for the upcoming chilly weather!

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 3.49.40 PM

On Monday, Nov. 16th, we’ll be placing an order for these Bella Canvas Unisex Zip up Fleece Hoodies!  They will be $40.00 and are available in the colors listed below.  We have a sign up sheet by the Wodify kiosk, so sign up ASAP!  We’ll charge your account in Wodify on Monday, 11/16.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 8.22.20 PM

Available Colors: Red Marble, Black , Light Gray Marble, Deep Heather, Neon Yellow, Kelly, Teal, Neon Blue, Navy, True Royal, Athletic Heather, Team Purple, Maroon, Red, Coral.

These are super comfy & warm!  Don’t miss out on the awesome, new CFP swag!

May Contest Winner!!

If you remember, we’ve been running a month long Facebook Check-In Contest!  Any athlete that “check’s in” & workouts at least 3 times/week has been entered into a weekly drawing for a FitAid & Bar – yum!  Then, all of those athlete’s have been entered (up to 4 times since there’s 4 weeks in May) into a drawing for a FREE CFP tank!

How awesome are our new tanks!?



You guys were slow rolling to start off the check-ins this month, so no one won a FitAid or bar the first week….womp womp.  But week 2 you picked up & Wendy won; Week 3, Gina won; and our Week 4 winner was Rek!  Thanks to all who participated & “Checked In” as you worked out!!

Our tank top winner is…..

GINA!!!  This must be your lucky month Gina! 😉  She did have 3 entries, so that must have helped!  Way to go, girl!

We’ll be making our tank reorder soon since we’re down to the last few.  Get your size & color option in ASAP.

We’re planning to take the month of June off from running a contest & we’ll be back with a new contest in July. As always, continue to check-in as much as you please 🙂  The blog will still be full of lots of wonderful content, so remember to check back daily!

Thanks guys!

May Contest Announcement!!

Happy May Athletes!!


Sure as the sun does rise 😉  We ran 2 different contests last month & offered some sweet prizes – like SFH Protein & FitAid cards – yum!

This month we’re starting a new, month long contest.  Here are all the deets:

Come workout at the box AT LEAST 3x per week & check-in on FB!  (Must do both to be entered!)  A weekly prize of a FitAid & Perfect Bar or RX Bar will be awarded by random drawing (you can be entered once if you worked out 3x & checked-in on FB).

You can be entered up to 4 times for the month long prize by working out 3x/week & checking-in on FB each time in May.  The month long winner will receive a FREE CFP Tank!!!

We’ve just ordered new guy & girl tanks for the summer:


Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 2.58.35 PM

(The girl tanks above will actually be on this tank & have the color options of Raspberry, Neon Orange or Neon Green! 🙂 We’re going bright this summer, y’all!)

Don’t miss out on your chance at a FREE tank!!  And at the very least, you could walk away with a free recovery beverage & bar 🙂

We’ll see you at the box!