You’re Invited…


Happy Wednesday athletes!

You are cordially invited to our Isagenix Sip & Sample, this Saturday, August 26th at 10:30am!

We’re excited to share more with you about this simplistic nutrition for your whole family!  You will be able to taste the delicious shakes, bars and other food offered from Isagenix, as well as learn more about our upcoming 30 Day Routine Reset Nutrition Challenge!

The hour a day you’re in the gym is the easy part, controlling what you eat the other 23 hours is the hard part and often where progress gets lost!  No matter your goal – whether overall better health, energy, or better performance in the gym, this nutrition can fuel it all!

And, Fall is right around the corner – no time like the present to Energize Your Life, Recharge Your Routine, and AMP Up Your WODs!  More details on our 30 Day Routine Reset Challenge to come this Saturday, but we’ve got a fun, supportive group full of motivation to help you refocus on those health goals this fall!

So are you in!?  Contact Coach Michelle ASAP with any questions or to be added to the group once it goes live!

We can’t wait to see you Saturday!  30 Day Routine Reset…3…2…1…Go!!!

A Look Ahead : Programming Week of 08/21

Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 10.07.26 AM

Who’s ready to play Bingo!?!  No, no, this isn’t a CrossFit Kids game, this game of Bingo is for all CFP & RISE members and you can win CASH!!!  Starting this week, you can purchase your Bingo board for $10.  Collect as many Bingos as you can during the month of September (Fri 9/1 – Sat 9/30) to be entered to win cash!!  The more people that play, the more cash to be won 🙂

As in regular Bingo, a Bingo consists of 5 straight blocks in a row, diagonals included.  Blocks must be completed during the challenge and must have a coach’s signature & date to be valid.  So grab your board and get ready to collect your blocks & Bingos by completing fun little challenges, like bringing a friend, coming to yoga or Oly, etc.  How many Bingos can you get!?!

We’re excited for a great week ahead!  Saturday morning immediately after classes, join us for a Sip & Sample of our newest products at the gym!!!  We have some new bars, energy shots & shakes we’ll be sampling!  We will also be sharing details about our 30 Day Jumpstart starting Monday 9/10!  You do not want to miss this!!!

Also, AMRAP 4 Autism is this Saturday!!!  Remember, it’s not too late to sign up.  You can participate as an individual or partner!  It’s all to benefit some amazing kids with Autism and help support their therapy, so come on out!!

Here’s your look ahead…

Monday – Front squat day!  Working through some percentages up to a heavy single at 95%+ if you’re able!  Then, it’s a bar fight!!  Bring your game face – we’re completing one of the Masters/Teens CrossFit Games 2017 workouts of pull-ups, t2b & clean & jerks!

Tuesday – Tall jerks & split jerk work to start off today!  Afterwards, we’re retesting a workout from late June – 2 rounds of rowing, c2b (or rx+ bar MU), and push press.

Wednesday – Snatch grip RDLs superset with single arm dumbbell strict presses are up first.  Then your metcon is 3 rounds of doubles, wallballs & c2b!

Thursday – Getting gymnasty today working on our ring muscle up progressions.  Afterwards, 5 rounds of kbs & hand release pushups!  Go fast!

Friday – Pick your favorite kettlebells, we have some front rack reverse lunges and suitcase carries to complete.  Then, an alternating EMOM of rope climbs, strict handstand pushups & DU!

Saturday – Another Saturday another great Partner WOD!  Lots of pullups, box jumps & DB snatches today, so grab a partner & get to the gym!!  We hope to see you at our Sip & Sample & at AMRAP 4 Autism that night!

Sunday Oly – come work on those Olympic Lifts with us!

RISE Look Ahead

Monday – Glycolytic – :20 on/:10 off

Tuesday – Aerobic – :45 on/:15 off

Wednesday – STRENGTH Day!

Thursday – Aerobic – 1:20 on/:30 off

Friday – Anaerobic – :20 on/:20 off

Saturday – STRENGTH Day!

As always, we’ll see you at the box!!

Get Lean in 2017 Nutrition Challenge Winners!!!

Congratulations are in order to the 3 winners of our Get Lean in 2017 Nutrition Challenge!!


This spring, we had mostly ladies completing the nutrition challenge & all 3 winners happen to be women this time!  These ladies were diligent and consistent over the 8 week period & boy does it show!!!  A little hard work goes a long way!  All 3 ladies used nutritional cleansing as well as counting macros to help achieve their successes over the challenge.  So without further adieu, here are you top 3 winners of the Get Lean in 2017 Nutrition Challenge…

In 1stplace, having lost a total of 7 lbs during the challenge, is Page!!!  She increased her Floor Press 3 rep max by a whopping 15lbs, shaved a minute, 25 seconds off her Annie time, as well as 25 seconds off her 800m run time!!!  Not only did she lean out, get stronger with less body mass, she also got faster!!  This nutrition & CrossFitting stuff must really work 😉


Page used intermittent fasting once a week, meal replacement shakes, as well as macro counting to still allow herself her favorite treats!  Everyone in the gym has noticed her progress as she is looking slim and trim & putting up AWESOME numbers on the whiteboard!  We are SO proud of all your hard work Page!!!  Enjoy your 1st place prize – a private 1 hour session with THE Pam Gagnon for you & a friend!!!  Pam is a CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer with CrossFit Headquarters, a games athlete and all around amazing coach and athlete!!  We can’t wait to see what new skills you will aquire!!

Our 2nd place winner is Nikki!!!  Nikki lost a total of 6lbs during the challenge while increasing her floor press, decreasing her Annie time (by just over a minute!) & her 800m run time by 16 seconds!!


Nikki also utilized intermittent fasting, meal replacement shakes & macro counting throughout the challenge!  Nikki is a super busy mom of 3 kids and a nurse anesthetist!!  She made no excuses during the challenge and made herself a priority in order to be her very best self!  So proud of you Nikki!!  We will put you in touch with Project Lean Nation to get your 2 weeks of meals!!!

And in 3rd place, Jenny!!  Jenny also lost 7lbs during the challenge through the use of intermittent fasting, meal replacement shakes & macro counting!  She was consistent throughout the challenge, and was even able to enjoy herself while traveling for a fun ski trip with her husband!!


Jenny, your box of IsaLean Pro is on it’s way & contact Coach Amy to set up your 2 Dry Needling Sessions!  Congrats on your hard work & all your results!!

These pictures could be of YOU!!!  We are ready to help you get started on your nutrition journey!  Working out is just a PART of our health and wellness, and we all know abs are made in the kitchen 😉  Contact us ASAP to help you take hold of your nutrition and reach those goals!!  Our inbox is ALWAYS open! OR 704.889.0190

#CFPOpenChallenge17 Winners!!!

Alright….after all the numbers have been crunched, the workout scores have been tallied, and pictures and videos were searched for under #cfpopenchallenge17, we have TIE!!!  That’s right, a TIE for first place!!

The tie for first place was between two awesome female athletes!  Each lady works super hard in the gym, day in and day out and definitely put in the work during the 5 weeks of the Open!!  We couldn’t decide who should take first since it was all tied up, so….

Congrats to both Jackie Cansler and Emily Varner!!!  You both have won a new pair of shoes, courtesy of CFP!!!


Jackie is THE fittest female at CFP, took top 550 in the MidAtlantic region, and had 35 points in our Open Challenge!


Emily took the top of the leaderboard for the scaled women at CFP, was 95 in our region, and also had 35 points in our Open Challenge!


And big congrats to Robert Herford for his 3rd place finish in the challenge!!  He took first in the gym for 17.5, 3rd fittest in the gym overall, and had 34 points in our challenge!  How do some free FitAids and Perfect Bars sound!?

Congrats again to all that participated!!  We had so much fun over the 5 weeks of the Open!  Next up, regional qualifiers for our qualifying teen & master athletes in about 10 days!!  We’re back to regularly scheduled programming and are ready for a new year of gains.  Here’s to the 2018 CrossFit Games Open!

A Look Ahead : Programming Week of 02/20


Welcome to week 1 of the Open!!!  We can’t believe it’s here, but we’re super excited!!  This week is your last chance to sign up & join our #CFPOpenChallenge17!!  The workouts will be released every Thursday night for the next 5 weeks.  We will complete the WODs on Saturdays during 830 & 930 classes (except for the last week, March 24th, where we’ll celebrate Friday Night Lights style!).  You have until Mondays to input your score to be verified (don’t forget!!).

Since we don’t know what non-sense craziness movements Dave Castro will throw at us each week, we will not be planning the Friday workouts until Thursday night once the WOD is released.  So we can’t give you much of a look ahead as far as the weekend goes for the next several weeks, but Monday through Thursday, we’ve still got you covered!

Don’t forget to sign up to be a judge/volunteer for Battle of the Ages 2!!  Alright, let’s make it a great week!  Here’s your look ahead…

Monday – Front Squat day!  Heavy weight today, but not a tone of reps, 3 doubles and 7 singles working up in weight.  Then, lace up the running shoes, 6 rounds of a 400m run & 10 burpee box jump overs.  Each round is for time, so aim for consistency here!

Tuesday – All the metcons today, first 3 rounds of hand release push-ups (rx+ hspu), DU & c2b (rx+ bar MU).  There’s a 6 minute cap here so scale accordingly!  After some rest, you have 3 rounds of running, wallballs and t2b.  No time cap to save you here 😉  We’ll cash out with a 1000m row at 80-85% effort.

Wednesday – Today’s metcon will be a surprise…let me ask you though, how do you feel about burpees?  Post metcon, you’ve got some deadlifting to do!

Thursday – Working on some power snatch barbell cycling today.  Then we have some intervals of DU and rowing for calories.  Good stuff!

Friday – TBD once 17.1 is announced on Thursday night!

Saturday – 17.1!!!

Sunday Oly with Becca – come get your lift on!

New week, new goals…3…2…1…GO!!

A Look Ahead : Programming Week of 02/13


Happy Valentine’s Week!!  Doesn’t matter if you’re single, taken or a little complicated, CrossFit will always be here for you 😉  We’ve got an awesome week of programming ahead as we’re less than 2 weeks out from the Open!  Woohoo!!  We’ve got 16 people already signed up to partake in the week 5 weeks of fun!  And try to win some sweet prizes in our Open Challenge of course!!

Also, don’t forget…this Thursday at 7pm is our first info session on our Get Lean in 2017 Nutrition Challenge!  Come chat with Coaches Michelle & Amy as they share details of the 8 week challenge, sample some yummy shakes & bars, as well as some amazing food from Project Lean Nation!

Alright, here’s your look ahead…

Monday – Who’s ready for more barbell cycling!?  This week is 5 sets of 7 power clean & jerks every 4 minutes at 60-70% of your 1RM.  After that, you have 3 minute, 4 minute and 5 minute AMRAPs of burpee box jump overs, shoulder to overhead and t2b.  Short spurts of work with rest built in, so go hard!

Tuesday – We’ll start with an alternating EMOM of calorie rowing, hand release push-ups and rope climbs.  Then, you have a spicy chipper of DU, thrusters and bar facing burpees to finish!

Wednesday – Hope your shoulders are ready for a roasting!  We’ll metcon first with a long AMRAP of OH lunges, c2b pullpups and hspu.  We’ll close out with some deadlift work.

Thursday – Back Squat day!  Who’s been loving the sets of 10!?  You have more coming up today 😉  Then running and bar muscles ups to close out the class.  Don’t forget – 7pm – the first info session for Get Lean in 2017!!

Friday – Bring you lungs, some biking, rowing and DU are in the forecast!

Saturday – Grab a partner & get to the gym for our last Saturday Partner WOD before the Open begins!!  Some running, KBS, thrusters, and pull-ups await.

Sunday Oly with Becca!  Come get your lift on!

Here’s to an awesome week!  We’ll see you at the box!

Upcoming Events!!!


There’s a lot of awesome things coming up at CFP & RISE Charlotte, so get your calendars out and get to marking!!

  • Thursday, Feb. 16th at 7pm – Info Session 1 for the Get Lean in 2017 Nutrition Challenge
  • Tuesday, Feb. 21st at 8pm – Info Session 2 for the Get Lean in 2017 Nutrition Challenge
  • Thursday, Feb. 23rd – The CrossFit Games 2017 Open begins!!! And so does our #CFPOpenChallenge17!! Collect points & you could win some pretty sweet prizes!!! Remember, we’ll run the Open workouts Saturday mornings at 8:30 & 9:30am. Except for the final week of the Open when we have Friday Night Lights!
  • Monday, Feb. 27th – Our Get Lean in 2017 Nutrition Challenge begins! You’re definitely going to want to sign up!!
  • Friday, Mar. 24th – We’ll run the last Open workout of 2017 Friday Night Lights style!! Join us starting at 6pm as we run the workout & then finish off with some grub & adult beverages!

Before we know it, spring & warmer weather will be here!  We’re excited for the awesome year ahead!!

Get Lean in 2017 Nutrition Challenge!!!


Big news athletes!!  Mark your calendars – we’re back with another nutrition challenge!  Our Spring Get Lean in 2017 nutrition challenge starts Monday, February 27th!!! Coaches Michelle & Amy are excited to head this up once again and  share their knowledge of nutrition, how to properly fuel your body, & help you achieve those health & fitness goals you’ve been wanting to hit!

Both Michelle and Amy have been working on their nutrition to achieve their goals and are absolutely confident that they can help you do the same over our 8 week challenge!!  Just take a look at their own results…


Michelle has incorporated nutritional rebalancing and intermittent fasting for exactly 1 year now.  Clearly the results speak for themselves!!


Amy has been using a flexible dieting/reverse dieting approach for almost 2 years now.  These photos are roughly 20 months apart and the abs are clearly popping!

Here are all the details you need to know to join the Get Lean in 2017 Nutrition Challenge:

  • This is NOT a paleo/whole 30 challenge – this is a nutritional rebalancing, flexible dieting challenge!  No foods are “off limits”.
  • It will run from Mon, Feb. 27th through Sun, Apr. 23rd setting you up fast approaching summer weather!
  • We will have 2 informational sessions!  Lots of great info will be shared (what are macros, what is cleansing/intermittent fasting, what you should be eating) so do all you can to make it to an info session!!  Thurs 2/16 at 7pm & Tues 2/21 at 8pm
  • Project Lean Nation will be at our info sessions to sample their delicious meals!!  PLN makes perfectly portioned, clean meals with excellent macros that fit the budget.  You will definitely want to be there to sample their meals & even purchase some to support you during the nutrition challenge.


  • You will be assigned a coach – either Michelle or Amy – who will guide you the entire challenge & who you will check in with weekly.
  • We will take measurements pre & post challenge to track your progress including your weight, body measurements as well as a short metcon & weight lift!
  • You will complete your pre measurements, metcon and weight lift by Mon, Feb. 27th.  Post measurements and retesting of the metcon & weight lift must be completed by Mon, Apr. 24th.
  • You will take progress photos throughout the challenge and share them with your coach weekly.
  • A buy-in (product or otherwise) is required to be eligible for prizes and coaching.
  • There are AWESOME prizes up for grabs this go round!!!


1st prize – a private 1 hour session with THE Pam Gagnon for you & a friend!!!  Pam is a CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer with CrossFit Headquarters, a games athlete and all around amazing coach and athlete!!

2nd prize – 2 Weeks worth of food from Project Lean Nation!!!  Don’t stop all the gains you made during the challenge, keep it going with some FREE food!!

3rd prize – A box of IsaLean Pro & 2 Needle Sessions with Coach Amy!


We are SO excited to help you reach your goals, increase your self confidence and gain a better relationship with food!!  Commit for 8 weeks, set yourself with healthy food habits as you head into the summer season and feel & look better by the water this summer!!  You could even walk away with some sweet prizes!!  Who’s ready!?

A Look Ahead : Programming Week of 01/30


Change can be scary, but so worth it!!  Have you challenged yourself lately, done something that scares you, made a change?  Another C that we have in CrossFit is our awesome community, who’s always there cheering you on to keep you motivated when you’re making that change!  Thank goodness for that!

CrossFit Kids will be starting back in 2 weeks!!  We still have a few spots open, so definitely tell all the Lil Beasts you know!  And check out our announcement about our first ever #CFPOpenChallenge17!  Collect points during the 2017 CrossFit Games Open & you could win!!!

Last week’s weather was amazing!  Unfortunately, the temps have dropped again, but just remember, summer bodies are made in the winter 😉 so keep coming in & putting in the work!

Here’s your weekly look ahead…

Monday – Back Squat day!!  Different rep schemes depending on the amount of reps…everything from a heavy double to some drop sets of 10, good stuff!  Then our metcon is rowing, plate carries, & DU work.  Happy Monday!

Tuesday – Shoulder press today…building to a 1 rep max in 8 sets!  Afterwards, two 4-min AMRAPS with some rest in between; first – push press and c2b, then ring dips and burpees, oh my!

Wednesday – Today we power clean!  10 sets, 3 reps every 2 minutes increasing in weight.  Then, 2 sets of rowing, KBS and goblet squats.

Thursday – All the metconning today, bring your lungs.  4 sets of rowing, running, burpee box jump overs, t2b & strict HSPU.  God speed!

Friday – We have 3 position snatches to start, then we finish with a 12 min AMRAP of doubles, pull-ups and ground to overhead.

Saturday – Time for a partner WOD!! Warm up those shins & calves for some running & box jumps, plus some wallballs…should be a blast!!

Sunday Oly with Becca!  Be there or be square!

Who’s ready for an awesome week?  We are…we’ll see YOU at the box!

2017 CrossFit Games Open Challenge!!

cfgames open

We’re 4 weeks out from the 2017 CrossFit Games Open!!!  Are you signed up yet!?  Were you planning on signing up?  If not, you definitely need to, because we are having our very 1st CrossFit Games Open Challenge!!

That’s right, not only will you have 5 weeks of community fun completing the Open workouts at the box, but there are prizes to be won!  The top 3 people with the most points will win some pretty fantastic prizes!!  But first, here’s how to collect points and play:

The CrossFit Games #CFPOpenChallenge17 Rules

  • Collect the most points to win!
  • Sign up for the Open at – 10 pts
  • Complete all 5 workouts – 5 pts
  • Each WOD completed each week – 1 pt
  • Checking in on FB the day you complete the WOD (use #CFPOpenChallenge17 so we can find your post!) – 1 pt
  • Picture/video check in on FB/Instagram (use #CFPOpenChallenge17 so we can find your post!) – 2 pts
  • Top 3 finisher for a WOD in each division (M Rx/F Rx/M Sc/F Sc) – 1 pt

Alright, now you know the rules…on to the prizes!

  • 3rd Place – A box of 12 E+ Shots or NOx – athletes choice!!
  • 2nd Place – Isagenix Prize Pack – including protein packs, bars and some of Brandon & Michelle’s favorite Isagenix supplements! ($75 value!)
  • 1st Place – A new pair of shoes!!!  Maybe you’ve had your eye on the new Nano 7s, been wanting some NoBulls or the latest Metcons?!  1st place winner gets to take their pick! ($120 value!)

So what are you waiting on!?  Get signed up ASAP & add your name to the whiteboard at the gym!!  We can’t wait to see the points start rolling in!  3…2…1…GO!